The Wildlife Institute of India, United States Fish and Wildlife Services and Madhya Pradesh Forest Department collaborative programme aims to achieve long term conservation of the park by increasing awareness and appreciation towards Panna National park among visitors as well as local people.

The main components of the programme are :

Outreach Programme : It is aimed at sensitizing the local community about the benefits of the programme to the park and eventually to them.

Resource Material : In the form of books, brochures and CD-ROMs would be developed to highlight the conservation needs. An exclusive website on Panna National Park is also planned for attracting international attention.

Interpretation Center and Visitor Center : They are an important component of the project and would comprise of exhibits on Panna National Park and its conservation needs. This is a means of education mainly targeted to the tourists, School children and local community.

Capacity Building : Training of local youths as guides, Park staff and tour operators on Interpretation and communication skills to enable them to run the programme.               

Facilities at Interpretive Centre, Madla :

Facilities at Visitor Centre, Hinauta :

  • Indoor & Outdoor exhibits
  • Cafetaria
  • Portable Drinking Water
  • Toilets
  • Parking lot


Guides :

Wayside Signages


Directional Signages

Orientation Film


We Love Our Panna Tigers and Panna People

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